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Year 5/6 Emerging Girls Football Fun
Posted: 11th October 2019
Eight schools joined us for a wet and windy day at Len Forge on Friday 11th October 2019 for our year 5/6 emerging girls football competition. It was a busy morning with all schools playing each other to see who would make it into the final play off, with the winning team gaining a space in the main Year 5/6 Football competition next week. With some very close scores the final match saw Earls Hall play Eastwood primary. Earls Hall finished with an impressive 3-1 defeat against Eastwood so go through to the A competition at Len Forge Centre a week today. A big well done to ALL of our girls football teams today. It was a real honour witnessing all 6 of the core "Your School Games" values of determination, teamwork, respect, passion, honesty and self belief between all of the players in all of the teams. The continued increase in confidence was a real joy to witness especially for some of the teams who have players who haven't played in a competitive game until today. Well done to all of the girls and good luck to Earls Hall in the A competition at Len Forge on Friday 18th October.

Starting the Autumn term with a Bang
Posted: 10th October 2019
Our first two competitions of the academic year have been a huge success with 80 children competing in the table tennis held at Thorpe Hall on Wednesday 25th September 2019. Earls Hall retained their 6th title in a row securing a win in both the girls and boys competition. 2nd Bournes Green Boys 2nd Bournemouth Park Girls. We wish Earls Hall, Bournes Green boys and Bournemouth Park girls the best of luck at the Essex Finals on Friday 25th October at Batts in Harlow . Last week saw over 1300 children competing in the Southend Borough cross country at Garons Park on Wednesday 2nd October. There were some incredible performances and a few nail biting races to see who crossed the line first in some very close races. A huge well done to Our Lady of Lourdes who won the overall team award with a fantastic 25 points. 2nd West Leigh 30 points 3rd Bournes Green 49 points We look forward to seeing the year 5/6 girls emerging football held at Len Forge on Friday 11th October followed by the A competition. We then look forward to dodgeball to finish off this first half term of Autumn 2019.

Year 5 & 6 Girls Football Report
Posted: 13th October 2014
Well done girls!

3/4 Boys Football
Posted: 14th October 2013
Boys football tournament held at Alleyn Court



Risk Assessment - Rounders
Added: 21st July 2010
Rounders risk assessment for teachers

Risk Assessment - Borough Sports
Added: 19th July 2010
Risk Assessment for the annual Borough Sports held at Garons

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