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Partnership Photo Gallery


In the Partnership Gallery, we regularly add images form the various events, competitions and activities that take place.

If you have any pictures from the Partnership activities that you have attended and would like to submit them for inclusion in a gallery, please email us the images so we can optimise them for use on the web first.

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Some galleries may not be showing at present as pictures are being collated and optimised before uploading. If you have sent pictures for a gallery and cannot yet see them, this could be the reason.

Gallery: Year 5 & 6 Girls Football
Description: 9th October 2014

Gallery: KS1 Borough Sports 2013
Description: KS1 Borough Sports 2013 held at Garons centre

Gallery: Tag Rugby year 3&4
Description: Tag Rugby Tournement supporting National Armed Forces Day

Gallery: Super Sports Track 2013
Description: Super Sports track event 2013 the top 8 competitors from each event across the 4 borough sports groups competiting against one another.

Gallery: 2013 KS2 Tennis Comp
Description: KS2 Tennis helf at Garons Tennis Centre

Gallery: Girls and Boys Rounders Comp 2013
Description: Girls and Boys Rounders held at Thorpe Hall School 2013

Gallery: Cricket 2013 Boys
Description: Boys Cricket 2013 held at Garons Centre

Gallery: 2013 Borough Sports
Description: 2013 Borough Sports held at Garons Centre

Gallery: May Half Term 2013
Description: Gifted and Talented Academy for May Half Term 2013

Gallery: Monday G&T Competition
Description: Monday Gifted and Talented end of term competition 20/5/13

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